Europe's #1 Partyband!

Everybody knows the Hermes House Band!

In 1994 they had their first BIG hit. After that, the band grew out to become Europe's #1 party band. These true musicians will make a BIG party everywhere!

Biography Hermes House Band International

In more than 20 years time, Hermes House Band International has become Europe’s #1 Party Band, with over 8 million records sold in more than 25 countries. Hermes House Band plays all year round, entertaining masses all over the world. Their singles “I will survive”, “Country roads”, “Live is life” and “Rhythm of the night” have reached the highest chart positions in numerous countries.

Rotterdam 1984 – A group of students decide to start a band. They play their first gig in their student fraternity “Hermes”. It marks the birth of the “Hermes House Band” and the beginning of an unbelievable journey...

In 1994 the unexpected happened: Their independently released single “I will survive/ lalala” became a Dutch #1 hit, soon followed by other European countries.

Lead singers Jop Wijlacker and Sally Flissinger are still going strong at the front. Together with five brilliant musicians they keep the party going. After twenty years of experience, they will survive!

Always a party!

Big band
20 Years of experience
Numerous hits
Big act
All Professionals


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